y vetted list of handpicked income opportunities.

I'm constantly testing multiple opportunities before I share them with my clients.

What makes this cream-of-the-crop list unique is that it's based entirely on methods and strategies I've personally used and tested with my own money.

Each opportunity serves a different purpose, but the one thing all these actionable ideas have in common is automation and leverage.

To keep things simple, I've broken things down into two primary categories: Active Income and Passive Income (my specialty).

There are also 'semi-passive' opportunities that require an active involvement up front, but can eventually be mostly passive with just a small amount of ongoing management.

You may already know the basic differences between them, but what I've found is that most people don't fully grasp the implications of those differences.

So BEFORE you take a serious look the opportunities in my portfolio (which is the result of 22+ years of testing and experience), click on the toggle buttons below for a "quick and dirty" definition of each income type...




When it comes to choosing between active and passive income opportunities, there's no one size fits all approach that works for everyone the same exact way.

Frankly, there's nothing wrong with either of them.

I do BOTH because every income stream fuels what I believe is the shortest path to financial independence:

  1. Build a business (Active Income): I prefer online, location-independent businesses and side-hustles that can be operated from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a wi-fi connection.
  2. Invest the profits (Passive Income): Invest a portion of the profits into automated investment vehicles that produce short-term passive cash-flow as well as long-term capital gains.

This simple two-step process has been my primary wealth-building strategy for over 15 years and is the foundation of everything I do and teach.

It all boils down to creating MSI (multiple streams of income).

It's like having 4 tires on a car. You need more than one to keep rollin' down the road.

If one of those tires loses air or gets flat, you simply replace it with another one and you're able to keep on truckin'.

Note: I stand 100% by my recommendations and will be there for you anytime you need any help or guidance.

Best of all, my support doesn't come with an expiration date and I welcome your calls and emails.

However I do have one simple request: 

In the words of Jerry McGuire "Help me Help you"...

what are you most interested in right now?

I want to make more money with active income opportunities

I want to make more money with passive income opportunities