An Open Letter To My Friends, Colleagues And Longtime M4 Research Members

From the desk of: Brad Weinman

I hope this update finds you well, safe, and healthy.

I know it's been a long while since you've heard from me, but I have good reasons for my silence.

Not the least of which...

Last June, my 80 year-old mom had a massive heart attack.

All of her organs shut down and she quickly had to be put on dialysis.

She survived the heart attack, but things were really touch and go for the first few weeks.

The doctors weren't sure if she'd make it.

To make matters worse, because of Covid quarantines at the time, no one in our family were allowed to see her in the hospital.

Thankfully she was able to pull through it all, and her recovery over the last 12 months has been nothing short of miraculous.

Maybe you've experienced life-threatening health challenges before.

Maybe you haven't.

Regardless, these kinds of unexpected reality checks tend to really put things into perspective.

This happened to be my wakeup call.

But I'm not unique... and I'm certainly not alone.


With all the pandemic lockdowns, the world shutting down, and witnessing my mom come so close to losing her life, it forced me to step back and reevaluate my priorities in terms of my personal and professional goals, dreams and desires.

Not for one second during my self-imposed 'hiatus' did I take you or the trust you've given me for granted.

I just felt I needed to take a time out to rest, rejuvenate, and get clear on some things.

This break gave me a lot of time to think, and has allowed me to identify some parts of my life that had been neglected for way too long.

Things that felt really pressing and important before the pandemic now feel unimportant, trivial, and even stupid.

I realized many of the things I thought were so important were really self created in my head.

Work Less. Make More?

The Gary V's of the world will have you believe that if you're NOT hustling and grinding...

If you're NOT working 15+ hour days 24/7/365...

If you actually CARE about rest, relaxation and having FUN...

Then you're a lazy piece of crap that's not worthy of being in business or having any success in life.

This, of course, is complete bullsh*t.

Wearing the hustle badge won't automatically get you where you want to go.

I know because I tried the "hustle-n-grind" method many times over the almost three decades I've been self-employed.

As entrepreneurs it's easy for us to get lost in our work.

Because it never really ends.

But when we don't take necessary breaks, we start digging holes for ourselves.

I worked 12+ hour days for years...

Constantly stressed.

Trying to do everything myself.

As a result, many areas of my life suffered and I eventually got burned out.

I see so many work-at-home entrepreneurs these days preach the 'freedom lifestyle'...

But man oh man, so very few of them actually live it.

A lot of them brag about their freedom on social media.

Yet they work way harder than they would if they had a full-time job.

There's no judgement here and I'm not saying that's wrong.

I did it and don't think it’s wrong at all, especially when you're just starting out in business or a new part-time side hustle.

Look, if working your butt off everyday makes you happy and fulfilled, then by all means, do it.

But at 54 years-old, I just no longer have the desire or motivation to burn the candle at both ends anymore.

We all have to be true to ourselves.

And one of the BIGGEST lessons I've learned in life is that everyone is wired differently.

For me, I prefer to work less (and more efficiently), and make more... rather than trying to out-grind everyone else.

Plus, I personally have so many interests outside of business.

I like doing a ton of different things like hanging out with friends and family, traveling with my wife, and going to car shows, just to name a few.

Don't get me wrong, I still work (even though I no longer need to).

I voluntarily work hard for things that I LOVE.

And when I do what I love, I don't mind working harder.

I focus on the highest leverage activities possible.

Which is why I get more results with less work.

One of the ways I continue to generate more income with less work is through automated forex trading.

When I first discovered automated forex trading robots 14 years ago, I had an epiphany...

I realized that it was one of the few things I could add into my life that would be fun and extremely lucrative, without taking up too much of my time.

Speaking of which, I spent the last year cooped up "in the lab", geeking out on forex robots and backtesting software.

I got back to my roots as a forex trading enthusiast... and I'm just as excited now as I was 14 years ago.

I fine tuned my approach to automated trading and risk management, and took on a small number of private clients who have been able to generate thousands in monthly passive cash flow through my 1 on 1 mentorship.

Fast forward to today…

After hundreds of hours of focused testing, tweaking, adjusting and tinkering, what began as a fun little "side project" has turned into a full-blown money making venture.

I remember that Monday morning like it was yesterday...

It was a bit past 8am.

With one eye barely cracked open, I rolled over, grabbed my phone on my nightstand and thought I was still dreaming when I checked my accounts.

Overnight, my bots generated $5,368.19 in passive profits on complete autopilot... and with 0 minutes of 'work'.

But what's really cool is that I was finally able to hit what I consider to be a major milestone in my 20+ year freedom journey:

A six-figure passive income strictly from forex robots.

When I got started online in 1998, this would've been impossible.

Even 007 himself would've opted out of this mission.

It just couldn't happen because the technology needed to make it happen didn't exist.

I still have to pinch myself sometimes...

Because the less I work, the more I make.

My daily list of 'work' activities includes, among other things, checking to see how much money our bots have made my wife and I while we were sleeping.

Best of all, I don't have to spend countless hours everyday or commit myself to things I simply don't want to do.

Here's what this has to do with YOU

I'm finally feeling ready to rise out of my self-imposed slumber and start afresh, leading a new group of clients to whatever amount of automated income they desire.

I want to help leap frog you into success by sharing what's working for me and other successful clients I've mentored.

One of those clients (Roger) now makes $3,000 to $4,000 per DAY.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be sharing the same exact forex robots (and other automated forex systems) myself and my clients like Roger personally use to generate thousands of dollars in weekly passive cash flow.

These are needle-in-a-haystack finds you won't hear about from anyone else.

Why use more than one bot?

Well, the answer is, they're like peanut butter and jelly.

Although one is good by itself and the other is good by itself, when you put 'em together, it's like the perfect marriage of all the best attributes you'd want in order to multiply your money.

I don't believe in doing just "one thing".

Diversification is important.

And that too, is part of my overall portfolio game plan.

Obviously there's risk involved and I'm not going to sugar-coat anything here. 

Those who know me know that I'm the most anti-hype guy when it comes to money-making opportunities.

So you can always count on my to give it to you straight.

And the truth is, the forex market can be as volatile as a moody teenager.

It's not all wine and roses.

Can you lose money?


You could also lose your eyesight...

And you're likely to lose your hair.

But I've developed RULES and STRATEGIES that maximize profits and minimize losses.

I can't guarantee you'll make money.

And I can't promise you a 100% success rate (no one can).

But I CAN show you how I've helped a lot of people with no forex experience earn mouth-watering profits like these...

I realize some people are more "conservative" than others, so I have approaches for every risk tolerance level.

I've invested hundreds of thousands to figure things out, test, and simplify a proven approach to generating passive cash flow from the forex market.

And don't worry, I'm NOT going to teach you how to become a forex trader.

My strategy is way easier... and without being too complicated or too scary.

Quick Side Note: EVERYONE is a trader. Some trade time for a paycheck... some trade happiness for security... and some trade risks for profits.

The bottom line is...

The "sleep money" you want is out there.

More than you can even begin to fathom.

You just have to be positioned to receive it.

I'm volunteering to be your tour guide.

After all, if you're new to the world of automated forex bots, you may need a little hand holding to get you started.

That being said, if you have money (or stimulus funds) rotting away somewhere, earning you a paltry 0.5% annual APY, like in a savings account, a CD, or under your mattress... 

Grab a wheelbarrow, fill it up, and dump it into something like this that'll go to work for you and your money while you're off doing something else.

And if this kind of IV (investment Vehicle) isn't your cup of tea, that's OK.

Simply ignore my upcoming emails over the next few weeks.

But if you ARE interested, then hang tight.

More info will follow, starting next week when I reveal the first of my favorite automated forex systems.

Thanks and looking forward,


P.S. In the meantime, check out an interview I recently did with a longtime friend and forex colleague of mine where we talked about automated forex bots and...

How I generated $40k in 90 days with forex automation

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