From the desk of: Brad Weinman

Welcome aboard UOP FX!

Congratulations on making the wise decision to join what I believe is the best Forex training platform and community online.

On this page you'll find the simple, step-by-step instructions to follow in order for me to install and setup the UOP FX Scalp King and/or Trend Assassin auto-trading robot for you.


Get a VPS

First things first. In order for me to install the bot for you, you'll need a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

It's like a remote cloud server that's optimized for forex trading platforms and ensures the bot is running 24/5 without any interruptions. I personally use and recommend ForexVPS

Their Basic Plan for about $30/mo is sufficient (it's also tax deductible). You can use the coupon code 15ALLBASIC at checkout and save 15% monthly.

Also, make sure the New York server is selected (by default) as shown in the red rectangle below:


Create a Broker Account

You can use any broker you prefer that offers at least 200:1 leverage, but my preferred broker is Hugo's Way. They offer some of the lowest spreads and commissions in the industry and are used by many UOPFX members.

Click here to sign up for a Hugo's Way account - use the 'SIGN UP' button on the upper right-hand side of the page:

Next, once you've registered, login to your new Hugo's Way dashboard and click on the 'My Accounts' tab on the left-hand side:

Next, click on the orange 'Create Account' button:

Next, choose 'Hugo Demo Account', '500' Leverage, and '1000' (or higher) from the dropdown tabs and click on the 'Create Account' button.

Note: I suggest choosing a starting balance that's equal to what you plan on funding a live account with:

Once you've created your demo account, you'll receive an email with your new Demo Account number and Trader Password, both of which I'll need for the installation. So keep this info handy.


Send Me Your Info

Once you've completed the steps above, click here and submit all your information to me via my secure online questionnaire.


Book a Free Strategy Session With Me

As part of my complimentary installation service, I offer a private 1-on-1 strategy session to discuss your settings and answer any questions that come up during the process.

After you've completed steps 1 thru 3 above, click here to book a call with me via my online calendar on a day and time that's convenient for you.

If you have any questions about any of the steps below or get stuck, just shoot me an email at passiveincomerenegade@gmail.com or text/call me at 818-317-4821.

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