Unlock The Power Of AI & Generate Passive Income By Leveraging Someone Else's Capital

From the desk of Brad Weinman

For the past 20+ years, I've been in search of the "holy grail" of passive income.

This never-ending quest has led me down many rabbit holes.

In my experience, the majority of so-called "passive income" programs online these days are nothing but cleverly designed scams.

I've personally lost almost $200k on these types of scams and other crypto casinos (and it was painful AF).

So I know exactly what it feels like to join here-today-gone-tomorrow programs that promise the moon, but are as phony as a $3 bill.

If you're like me and you're tired of rug pulls and HYIP programs that shutdown and disappear with your money, then what I'm about to share with you will be a breath of fresh air.

Not only is there nothing else out there like it when it comes to being able to leverage a small amount of capital into potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars over time, but it's also 100% transparent.

So you know exactly where the profits are actually coming from.

And while no trading or experience on your part is required, it's important to have a basic understanding of how this unique passive income model works.

It starts with Proprietary Trading Firms (aka, Prop Firms).

Many Prop Firms offer $100K - $200K funded trading accounts where they let us trade using their funds instead of our own.

But more importantly, we get to keep 80 - 90% of the profits.

In other words, you don't have to risk your own money... 

You leverage the Prop Firm's money.

Prop Firms have been around for many years, however being able to pass their trading challenges continues to be extremely difficult for most people (including experienced traders)... 

Until now!

My industry friend Jamie Divine has not only mastered the process of passing Prop Firm challenges...

But his company, Incomation (Income + Automation) has successfully passed over 4,500 Prop Firm challenges with almost a 100% passing rate.

As a client, Incomation will pass the trading challenges for you, but will then continue to trade for you in exchange for half of any profits they generate for you each month.

Here are some examples of what your monthly share could look like depending on % gains made.

$200,000 Funded Account:

Profit +1% / $2000 = Client Net profit $800
Profit +2% / $4000 = Client Net Profit $1,600
Profit +3% / $6000 = Client Net Profit $2,400

Now, let me be clear...

This is real trading in the Forex market and nothing is guaranteed.

Some months you might make 3%, 4%, or even 5%+, and other months you might not make anything.

It depends on the market.

Therefore, you should look at this as a long-term vehicle for generating passive income for potentially many years to come.

The main benefits of this opportunity are:

1. You're not liable for any losses on a Funded account.
2. You can leverage hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars to trade with.
3. You don't have to know anything about trading because Incomation's proprietary trading software is fully automatic.

4. You don't have to dedicate hours of your own time each day.

The result?

100% hands-free passive income on complete autopilot.

Compare using 10k of your own money vs. having a 200K funded account:

3% of 10k = $300 Profit (and you risk your 10k).

3% of a Funded 200K account = $6,000 (your share being $2,400) and you don't risk any of your own capital.

The biggest risk with this opportunity is, of course, whether or not the prop firms pay out your share of the profits generated.

However, the main prop firm Incomation works with (MDP Funding) is delivering on their promises and has paid out over $500,000 on behalf of Incomation clients just in the past few week's alone.

Check out the videos below to learn more and let me know if you have any questions.

Or, if you like what you hear, see the Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide listed below.

Introductory Videos

Quick Program Overview Video (10 min)

Interview + Q & A Session with Incomation founder, Jamie Divine (54 min)

Feel Free To Join The Live Weekly Zoom Overview:

Every Saturday at 8 AM PST | 9 AM MST | 10 AM CST | 11 AM EST

Register Here - Come ask your questions and get them answered live.

Getting Started Instructions

There are only 3 steps to get started and it takes less than 20 minutes.

STEP 1 - Click Here To Purchase A "Two Step Challenge".

MDP Funding is currently the top Prop Firm Recommendation. You MUST purchase a "two step challenge" ("One step challenges" are NOT compatible with Incomation's HFT Trading Bots). You can purchase up to six (6) 100K or 200K accounts via credit card or crypto.

STEP 2 - Click Here To Order Your Incomation Prop Pass Challenge.

On the page, choose either a 100K PASS for $2,000 (one time), or a 200K PASS for $2,500 (one time). You can purchase up to three account passes at a time (a discount is offered if you purchase three accounts at a time).

STEP 3 - Click Here To Schedule A VIP Onboarding Session With The Incomation Team.

After completing Steps 1 & 2, you'll book a call with an Incomation team member to help you set up and facilitate this entire process on your behalf, pass the initial challenges required, and get your account(s) funded and trading.

Incomation Affiliate Program (Optional)

Although this is NOT a network marketing opportunity or MLM, Incomation has an optional two-level affiliate program available if you have an interest in earning commissions by referring others.

There's no cost to become an affiliate and there are no ongoing requirements.

Incomation pays affiliates on all revenue generated from referrals, both upfront and monthly.

They have a very simple compensation model that pays 20% ($500) on Direct Referrals and 10% ($250) on Indirect Referrals (sales made by your sub-affiliates.

Watch the new affiliate registration video guide:

Click Here to become an Incomation Affiliate.

Once you're registered as an affiliate and ready to share the Incomation opportunity with others, go HERE to get your own ready-to-send email template.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to me on Telegram @Bee_dub or via email at passiveincomerenegade@gmail.com.

Also, please contact me once you join Incomation and MDP as a client, so I can keep you in the loop.

Thanks and looking forward,

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