Leverage My Exclusive List of Insanely Profitable Passive Income Opportunities Into $200, $500, Or Even $1,000+ Daily.

Without Any Recruiting, Selling, Or Experience

From the desk of Brad Weinman

Hello and welcome to my passive income portfolio page.

For almost 25 years now, I've been teaching busy people (just like you) how to create multiple streams of income.

Knowing the difference between something that will MAKE you money vs. one that will COST you money is where you get to benefit from my decades of experience.

The good news is, I've already done all the hard "PIA" (pain in the a$$) detective work for you.

I've sorted and sifted through all the time & money-wasting garbage to uncover only the best projects.

They literally force your money to make you more money while you're sleeping, at work, or on vacation.

What makes this vetted list of handpicked opportunities unique is that they're based entirely on methods I've personally used and tested with my own money.

Every year, I spend thousands of dollars (and countless hours) researching, reviewing and testing new passive income projects that appear to be legal, compliant, and sustainable.

Bottom line, I know what works… and more importantly, what doesn't. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm very picky about the projects I endorse.

On this page, you'll find my growing list of the hottest and most lucrative passive income opportunities that are paying right now.

Many of my subscribers and longtime industry friends are using them to currently make anywhere from an extra few hundred dollars a week, to well over $100,000+ per month.

They have the potential to passively earn you 5x to 10x more profits on your money in ONE MONTH than most people make all year in their 401ks.

Some of these projects pay daily, some pay weekly, and some pay monthly.

Some carry higher risk, some carry medium risk, and some are lower risk (see the risk disclosures at the bottom of this page).

They all accept deposits in crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, etc.) and pay out profits in crypto.

By the way, if you’re new to cryptocurrencies, the fastest way to get some is through Dart.cash via Zelle or bank wire.

Everyone Earns (No Recruiting Required)

Some of these projects offer affiliate commissions or referral rewards for sharing with friends, all of which is totally optional.

What's cool is people don't quit when they're making money.

There's nothing wrong with recruiting, selling or team-building.

I just prefer the idea that, even if you suck at all those things (or choose to not do them), you can start earning TRUE passive income from Day 1 without ever telling a soul about them.

So whether you want to remain 100% PASSIVE, or become ACTIVE and refer others (or both), the choice is always yours.

Note: In all transparency, if you join with me in any of the vetted projects below through my links (which I’m thankful for), I'll receive a commission. Referral commissions are never the main driver for me. The main driver is to share projects that I myself consider worthy enough to invest my own funds into first.

The Rules of Engagement

The way I do my research and due diligence on programs allows me to easily eliminate 9 out of 10 programs that hit my inbox on an almost daily basis.

I also rely on my close-knit network of 7-figure industry friends who have early-bird intel on new program launches and the admins behind them.

But at the end of the day, unforeseen circumstances can and do happen with these types of projects, even with complete transparency and the best due diligence.

So, if you decide to participate in any of them, then I want you to go in with eyes wide open.

Because the truth is, your money is always at risk... at least until you get all your seed capital back in your pocket.

Keeping things safe, fun and profitable starts with following these rules:

Rule #1: Never risk money you're not willing to lose. In other words, use "Vegas" money only. Don't even think about playin' with your rent, mortgage, or other funds you need for everyday living expenses.

Rule #2: Resist the greed factor. Recoup your seed money by withdrawing your profits as soon as possible before compounding your profits. This is the best way to minimize your risk.

Rule #3: Start with one or two passive income multipliers, so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Then add more as you earn. Diversification is the goal. Lots of smaller income streams add up to life-changing income!

Rule #4: Once you're playing with the "house money," optionally reinvest a portion of your profits and withdraw the rest (50/50) to scale your profits even further.

Rule #5: Rinse and repeat.

Of course, these rules aren't financial advice, and I'm certainly not advising you of what to do with your money.

They're just something I've personally followed over the years in my own portfolio to earn consistent passive income on an ongoing basis.

One more thing...

My personal one-on-one support is included for any program you join directly with me.

I'll be there for you whenever you need any help or guidance.

Best of all, my support doesn't come with an expiration date.

However, in the words of Jerry McGuire, I have one simple request:

Please, please, please do your homework before contacting me.

This way, you can gain an understanding of how each project works before we connect.

Once you've gone through the information on any project you're interested in, I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

If you get stuck, reach out and ask for help.

I'd love to hear from you!

Shoot me a DM on Telegram, or request a call back by texting (805) 850-3899.

You can also reach me via email at: passiveincomerenegade @gmail.com (without the space)

Your friend on the inside,

Online Income Mentor Since 1998

My Passive Income Portfolio

(Opportunities Are Listed In No Particular Order)

1. InvesableAI

Plan Terms: 1% - 2% Daily for 25 Business Days
Payment Days: Monday - Friday
Total Return: 125% - 150% Total Return (25% to 50% Net)
Minimum Deposit: $500 (withdraw profits every 24 hours)

Example: Start with a $1,000 deposit and your account with be credited with $10 interest (1%) every 24 hours for 25 business days. Start with a $3,000 deposit and your account with be credited with $60 interest (2%) every 24 hours for 25 business days.

After 25 business days, you'll pass the break even point with 100% of your principal returned back to your available balance ($3,000 deposit + $1,500 profit = $4,500 total).

So your risk is 25 days to get your seed capital out.

Stay Tuned

More Opportunities Coming Soon!

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