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We've all got a story with highs and lows, and each one is unique and interesting, some funny, some sad.

Mine's a bit of a roller coaster (promise not to laugh).

So strap yourself in while I let my hair down and open up my kimono...

First, the important stuff (the kinda stuff that friends know):

I'm a husband, artist, kooky serial entrepreneur, investor, trader, freedom warrior, curious truth-seeker, and lover of animals, nature, international travel, historic architecture, American muscle cars, sweet potato fries, craft beer, and chocolate, not always in that order!

I've been married only once, never divorced, and spend more time cooking healthy meals at home with my wife, Chiara than dining out at fancy restaurants.

We live in Los Angeles with our totally spoiled, yet ungrateful tuxedo cat, Martina.

I have no job. No alarm clock. No boss.

I'm not a morning person (even though I like mornings), but every day I wake up and do whatever the hell I want.

My daily commute is 5 seconds down the hallway to my home office.

My neighbors think I've taken early retirement... probably because they never see me "working!"


OG pic of me (on the left), my sister, brother and our Shetland Sheepdog, Chauncey - circa 1970's.

I'm a West Coast native, born and bred in SoCal.

I grew up in an average, working-class family where both of my parents worked full-time jobs to support my brother and sister and me.

Having been self-employed for most of my adult life, I'm now psychologically unemployable (maybe it's a genetic defect).

My renegadish tendencies came bubbling to the surface long before I was a teenager.

Even as a child I wasn't comfortable with authority (just ask my parents). 

During my late teens and early 20's I had run-ins with my bosses and would quit due to 'differences of opinion'.

Realizing early on that I wasn't cut out for a life of financial mediocrity or a 9 - 5 in a corporate cubicle, I did what any ab-normal person in my situation would do: I went into business for myself.

Frankly, the idea of having to conform to cultural conditioning and follow the herd makes me want to hurl.

I actually feel much more secure being self-employed, than working for some a-hole boss who dictates how much I make, what type of home I can afford, what kind of car I drive, when I can take vacations, and all the other settle-for-less shackles that come with being an hourly wage slave.

When it comes to money and what it can buy, I value experiences over things.

Money isn't a prime motivator for me… freedom is.

For me, freedom is something that's been ingrained in my DNA for as long as I can remember.

I caught the entrepreneurial bug early on.

When I was in 5th grade I sold Pop Rocks (remember those?) and Big League Chew bubble gum to other kids on the playground for .25 cents each.

But I became a bona fide entrepreneur at the ripe age of 13 when I started mowing lawns and doing weekend weed whacking gigs around my neighborhood.

Know what my big ambition was back then?

To make enough money so I could buy more skateboards and play at the local arcade all weekend-long.

Yup, that was my big 'why'!

But I think I intuitively knew, even back then, that being my own boss was really going to be the only logical choice for me.

While I was in my 20's I looked at all my hobbies and things that I enjoyed doing and asked myself, "Ok, how can I turn these into a career?"

Being the huge car nut that I was (and still am), this simple process of elimination initially led me to a brief stint in the automotive industry.

I loved working on cars, but I've had scoliosis and other back problems since I was 16, so choosing a career as an auto mechanic became a serious deal breaker.

But what it did was it spurred me on to follow my other passion, which was art (more on this in a minute).

For fun, I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family and taking weekend vacations and getaways with my wife, Chiara.

These include long cruises up the coast of California, spending weekends in quaint B&B's, or just getting out of town for the day to enjoy a change of scenery and some fresh ocean air.

We love to travel, so you can also find us gallivanting around Europe.

I don't really have a favorite music genre.

I grew up on basically everything from heavy metal & hard rock, to blues, hip hop, reggae, jazz, ambient, and alternative, so I pretty much listen to it all.

more Mildly Relevant Facts About Me (BUZZFEED STYLE)

#1. Introvert with outgoing tendencies

I'm a Capricorn and an ISFP (aka, total introvert weirdo).

I love connecting with people, but I also love working alone, and am perfectly happy being by myself in the seclusion of my man cave for hours on end for "me time."

I might sound like a total recluse by now, but I'm not. Most people who meet me think I'm an extrovert because I'm a conversationalist and absolutely enjoy talking one-on-one.

But I have a social window of about 2-3 hours. After that I'm drained and wanna be alone again.

Thankfully, I've got a wife who appreciates all of my introverted quirkiness!

#2. Promise keeper

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe your word is your bond and handshakes (even virtual ones) are your sacred Honor.

I feel compelled to tell people the blunt, unvarnished truth, even when it's not necessarily what they want to hear.

#3. Recovering people pleaser

I used to suppress and neglect my needs, wants, feelings and opinions. Had a hard time saying 'No' because I was too worried about other people's feelings.

After a lot of self-reflection and work, I kicked the self-inflicted guilt-trippin' to the curb.

#4. Avid risk taker and speculator

I'm a maximum risk, maximum reward type of person.

Er, let me qualify that. I like to take calculated risks, but I don't like to gamble away or waste money.

#5. Amateur ghost hunter


Yup, ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by the paranormal and the unknown (ghosts and other weird stuff like that).

In fact, my wife and I have been on several ghost hunt weekends and have had some amazing spirit encounters.

I know, crazy right?

#6. Beetle collector

A childhood obsession gone wild is my interest in collecting beautiful beetles from around the world (strange, I know).

Some of them are the size of a pea. Others are as big as my hand.

#7. Robert Kiyosaki fanboy

I stumbled into a Barnes & Noble bookstore in 1998. Wandered to the personal finance section and picked up this book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The concepts I learned from Kiyosaki (like what he shares in this video) changed my course, big time. 

Found the right mentors, studied up on investing, entrepreneurship, and passive-income-producing assets. The rest is history.

#8. Ambidextrish lefty

Write, throw and bowl left-handed. Cut with scissors, wear watches and use a mouse right-handed.

#9. Die-hard hot-rodder

Lifelong gear head who loves hanging out at local car shows. I geek out on all kinds of cars, and have a fully custom, 1000hp '68 Pontiac Firebird which I've owned since I was in high school.

#10. Slow thinker, single tasker

I'm into doing only one thing at a time, focusing on it to completion, whether that takes hours, months, or even years. I've always been like this, even as a little kid, although I find it's easier to get distracted these days than it ever was before.

#11. Silence seeker

I'm always seeking silence. I don't like big crowds, noisy cities, bars, parties, streets, etc.

Meeting people in noisy places is pointless to me, since I can't understand what anyone is sayin'. Yelling in people's ears ain't my idea of fun. It's another reason I prefer quiet one-on-one conversations.

#12. Happily child-free (not child-less)

I love kids (and enjoy spoiling my three nephews rotten), but I don't want kids... thankfully, neither does my wife.

#13. Anti-hustler

Today's hustle culture teaches us that there's never enough. 

We always need more money, more things, more everything.

And while success in anything requires hard work, what I'm not into is the "hustle 'n grind" mentality Gary V. and Grant Cardone preach.

At all.

Cardone's motto is "more with more."

As in, to earn more, ya gotta do more.

It's all about obsession.


Work like a freakin' maniac.

Sleep less.

Alienate friends and family.

Age 10 years in the next three.

Lose whatever hair you still have left.

Eh, no thankies!

Doesn't seem healthy to me.

I'm pretty sure science agrees.

Look, if you've got Grant's enthusiasm and super-sized goals...

Go for it.

Knock yourself out.

I give props to the Grant C's and Gary V's of the world.

I respect them for their work ethic and what they've accomplished.

I just can't relate to them.

I'm just an average dude with average energy and only 24 hours a day.

Can't push my 53-year-old body like I used to without it pushing back.

I have no desire to buy a private Gulfstream jet.

I'd rather spend time hanging out with my wife, friends & fam, and our totally spoiled kitty.

Be present and not hafta film or Instagram every moment just so I can use it for marketing.

Know what I mean?

Frankly, at this stage in my life I'm all about working smarter and achieving more by doing less.

After all, the whole goal of leveraging the Internet should be to give you back your life, not take it away.

If you wanna dive deeper and get to know the real me and how I went from being an overworked and underpaid freelance artist to full-time internet entrepreneur, investor and forex trader, then click the button below and I'll take you back in time Marty McFly style...